Odette Wills

Odette is home-based in Wales and co-manages the Student Eats Programme with Tilly. Our aim is to work with students to create a more equitable food system by putting healthy and sustainable food at the heart of the campuses across the UK. This includes supporting students to set up social enterprises selling sustainable food as well as supporting food growing initiatives on campus. Odette also works with the NUS wales team on sustainability issues. 

Odette has a masters in 'Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture' and has previously worked in a science lab looking at a fungus to help farming. While at university, she ran many campaigns often focusing on sustainable fishing and local food as well as volunteering on a community growing space. She is currently on the steering group of a community group aiming to move her town towards being plastic-free. She also coordinates a food buying group to give local residents access to healthy & sustainable food at a more affordable price. Odette achieved Practioner Membership in Environmental Management and Assessment (PIEMA), in 2018 accredited by IEMA.

While not at work, Odette can be found working on her no-dig growing space, avidly listening to podcasts about our food system and adventuring in the Welsh hills. 

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