Rachel Drayson

Rachel has worked in sustainability-focused research roles since 2007, joining NUS' Sustainability team, prior to the creation of SOS-UK, in 2011.  She leads the management, design, implementation and delivery associated with research and evaluation projects in order to enhance SOS-UK's ability to be effective in its sustainability-focused work with students' unions and in its projects, programmes and campaigns across the education sector through use of insight.

Rachel has previously worked for research and strategy consultancy Brook Lyndhurst and Green Alliance.  Here she worked on projects for a range of public sector clients across a range of different issues, utilising quantitative and qualitative skills to investigate community action on climate change, evaluating behaviour change and developing pilots to promote energy efficiency. 

Rachel studied Geography at Durham and has a Masters in Environment, Science and Society from UCL. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys experimenting in the kitchen (which mostly works out!), complemented by keeping active by running, swimming outdoors or cycling.

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