SOAS students want to cover their uni in solar panels. You can help.

Tuesday 16-08-2016 - 17:17

A group of students at SOAS are going to start their own solar energy cooperative. And they need some support from you.

Solar SOAS – a society at SOAS Students’ Union – are about to create the first ever student-led renewable energy cooperative in the UK.

They’re going to put 114 solar panels all over the roofs of university buildings, produce loads of clean energy, and generate about £2,000 profit a year. All of this cash will be used fund more sustainability projects at SOAS over the 20 year lifespan of the panels.

It’s an incredibly exciting model. They’ve been working hard for years, and now they’re ready to get installing at the end of September. But they need a bit more financial support.

We want to help them get the funding they need – and let the rest of the student movement share in this amazing achievement.

It’s hard to balance living in London with caring about climate change - it can feel like there aren’t many options to help beyond recycling, the odd protest, and signing online petitions” says Hannah Short, Solar SOAS co-founder.

“Solar SOAS is a rare opportunity to actually be part of a solution. It’s also been created and set up by students, all out of care and concern for the future of the planet. It’s a pretty special thing to be involved with”

SOAS was already the first London university to divest from fossil fuels, and now they’re set to become the first institution with its own student-led renewable cooperative.

This is exactly the sort of thing we want to see – moving money from dirty energy which pushes us deeper into climate crisis, and funding the sustainable solutions which will power the 21st century.

Support Solar SOAS today.

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