No New Dirty Investments

Your institution might not have any investments in fossil fuel industries. Make sure it never does.

Your university or college might not have any current investments in fossil fuels, and that's amazing. But that's not to say that it never will.

We want all universities and colleges to make a public commitment to never invest in fossil fuels, and we want them to pass policy saying so. This will future proof any investments made in the future, by excluding fossil fuel companies as an option from the very beginning.

You can either ask your institution to make this part of policy when they commit to divestment, or it's something which can be easily passed by an institution which currently has no investments in coal, tar sands, oil or gas. Our Fossil Fuel Declaration which was developed in partnership with People & Planet and already has 9 signatories, forms part of ask 2.

Talk to us about how to ask your institution to pass policy against any new dirty investments and/or get your institution to sign the Fossil Fuel Declaration.