What is it?

Green Impact brings together staff and students to make positive change across campuses, curriculums and communities.

Whether you’re just getting started in sustainability, or feel like you’ve done all you can – Green Impact gives you a structured way of making real, visible change every yearly cycle, whatever your starting point.

We give organisations a bespoke toolkit full of actions to take in teams, provide bucket loads of support, and train local students to assist in the delivery and verification of the programme.

At the end of the year, we reward your achievements with a gold, silver or bronze award. It’s as simple as that.

How does this complement other environmental initiatives?

Green Impact is the perfect way to bring together all the pieces of environmental work you’re already doing, and streamlining their collective impact.

If you’re doing something bigger or more structured, it provides a perfect communication tool for disseminating information and getting action.

This can break staff out of silos, get people talking together, and engage more and more people from the bottom up to really bring the whole organisation on board.

How much time does it take?

It’s basically completely up to you.

You can set yourself realistic targets about what you want to achieve over your year of Green Impact, and then spread out your efforts over as much time and as many people as you like. You make the programme work for you.

 What does it cost?

Sadly, there’s no fixed number, as we provide a bespoke service to every organisation we work with.

We don’t run Green Impact for profit, but we do need to cover our costs, and this is based on a number of factors ranging from how big your organisation is to your prior engagement with sustainability work.

NGOs and public sector organisations always pay 10 per cent less than private sector organisations, but together we’ll work out the appropriate costs.

Isn’t this the estates/sustainability team’s job?

It’s everyone’s responsibility to make your workplace as good as it can be, and getting the broadest base of support for driving sustainability makes your efforts more impactful and long-lasting.

Estates generally concentrate on making your operations less bad – driving energy efficiency and tidying up waste streams, that sort of thing. Our holistic approach to sustainability empowers everyone to think about how your organisation can be – and do – more good.

How does this relate to my work?

Promoting sustainability is just as good for you as it is for the environment.

It makes your organisation more efficient, your departments more integrated, and your staff more motivated.

Plus, the flexibility of the programme allows you to use creative thinking to take action on any personal or professional interests. It can be as integral to your day to day work as you like, or something completely different, if you want to develop new skill sets.

Isn’t it risky to work with students?

The students who get involved with Green Impact are incredibly passionate about developing their skills and driving sustainability.  The enthusiasm and innovation they bring will be a huge asset to your organisation.

We personally give them all the training they need to support your work in a professional and structured way, and they’ll be absolutely confident about the process, your expectations and their responsibilities.

How prescriptive is this?

Green Impact is really flexible, allowing you to take action on whatever most interests you, or seems most suitable for your organisation.

Of course, there’s a bunch of actions which are required to achieve the various accreditations, but the beauty of the scheme is that these just form the platform from which you develop the areas of activity which work best for you.

Who else is involved?

Green Impact operates across all of society – from students’ unions, to universities and colleges, to NHS Trusts, to local authorities, to private sector organisations, to museums and dentists and shops and loads of other places. Pretty much everywhere.

It’s excellent for engaging completely different types of staff teams in completely different types of organisations. The model really can be adapted for anywhere.

What is covered by the toolkit?

So much. Our workbook goes far beyond the narrow confines of environmental actions, and will broaden your conception of what sustainability means.

Helping you drive change in areas from energy efficiency to procurement to economics to health and so much more, the actions of the Green Impact toolkit will bring improvements in all aspects of your working life.

Can’t we just do this ourselves?

Green Impact provides a structured focus to your sustainability work, as well as connecting you into a national network of other organisations using the same mechanism to drive positive change.

Working together and learning from each other, our efforts reinforce each other, and push us to develop, evolve and better our performance.