Green Impact featured in handbook on ESD

Friday 06-01-2017 - 15:17

Routlegde has published a handbook of sustainable development in higher education - and we're in it!

NUS's award-winning Green Impact programme has been featured in a book called Routledge International Handbook of Higher Education for Sustainable Development. The handbook's blurb says it aims to give "a systematic and comprehensive overview of existing and upcoming research approaches for higher education for sustainable development." 

A review of the book has recently been published, which begins:

"Universities are facing increasing pressures to change the educational programmes they offer in order to make graduates fit for future citizenship and employment in the twenty first century. The impetus for radical repurposing of universities comes from a complex array of contemporary issues, including societal, economic and environmental challenges as well as national and international policy change. Curriculum reform and innovation are beginning to take place in many universities in the UK and elsewhere in the world in response to such pressures and policy developments. This international edited volume’s 31 chapters focus on some of the current research approaches that underpin how universities go about transforming their teaching, learning in the context of Higher Education for Sustainable Development (HESD)."

The full review can be found, here.


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