Our winning students' unions in Green Impact this year

Thursday 09-07-2015 - 13:38

Green Impact is our flagship sustainability programme, helping students’ unions green their campus, curriculum and community. At NUS Awards 2015, we were pleased to give out awards to this year’s best performing unions.

Taking actions as simple as switching to double sided printing, to setting up entire ethical credit unions, Green Impact offers a framework for staff and students to collaborate on driving sustainability through their students’ union.

Each year, we award over 100 participating students’ unions with a Gold, Silver or Bronze award, but only a few get to be recognised as the best of the year. Here are the best performers for 2014/15.

Leeds University Union - Best Large Commercial

Leeds University Union are running a range of really exciting innovative sustainability projects whilst remaining committed to the more structural Green Impact criteria.

They are a great example of best practice in Green Impact, as well as playing a true leadership role in the student sustainability movement ‐ sharing their own experiences and practices with other unions and organisations.

University of Stirling Students’ Union – Best Small Commercial

This year the University of Stirling Students’ Union have maintained their Green Impact Gold with style.

Despite their previous high achievements in the competition it’s obvious that the Union has built upon its work this year, with more staff working in this area and more creative projects being started up than ever before.

Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union – Best Non-Commercial

It is clear that Students’ Green Fund has had a positive impact on the FXU, giving drive to the team and enabling new ideas to be achieved across Green Impact.Members of the department are very enthusiastic and are constantly thinking on new ways to reduce their impact within FXU and for the students.

Cardinal Newman Students’ Union – Best Further Education

Cardinal Newman Students' Unions student‐led team have been absolutely brilliant at bringing the sustainability message to all students at the college.

They've organised fun campaign days to raise awareness of the 'bee cause' campaign and started their own vegetable patch. We look forward to seeing what they come up with next year.

University of Bedfordshire Students’ Union – Most Improved

A very impressive amount of work done by the University of Bedfordshire Students’ Union.Using the Students’ Green Fund money they received they have attempted Gold this year, having achieved Bronze last year.

The results have been amazing, with loads of new engagement – and their institution even divested from fossil fuels this year too.Wherever you are on your sustainability journey.

Green Impact can support you in taking things to the next level, and having an incredible effect on the student experience.

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