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Placements for Good

Placements for Good (PfG) will provide students opportunity to become global citizens through real-world transformational work experience. It aims to support student employability and progress the social and environmental impact of the organisations they work for in response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – ‘Global Goals’ for 2030 (SDGs). PfG is being created in response to the motion “Placements, Apprenticeships and Education for Good” passed by student delegates at the 2017 NUS conference.

PfG aims to connect talented university and college students with forward-thinking ambitious charities, public-sector organisations and businesses to work in partnership for social, environmental and economic benefit. It is to be an enriching placement framework underpinned by ESD pedagogies and principles to ensure students develop skills, knowledge and experience required for a sustainable future. NUS will support institutions, train students and staff, and create a community of learning at regional and national levels. Regional PfG cohorts will facilitate knowledge exchange betw een professional practitioners and learning institutions.

PfG will be open to all students in tertiary education institutions with priority being given to Widening Participation and liberation group students. To support progression into employment or further study we anticipate PfG being most suited to students in or entering their penultimate or final year of study. For undergraduate HE participants, there may be the opportunity to encompass their PfG project within their dissertation.

PfG will support student demand for meaningful work placements and responds to a growing need for employable graduates who can contribute to a just and sustainable society. This is an important addition to NUS sustainability suite of programmes by enhancing student opportunities to harness their capabilities and contribute to a better world.

Please get in touch with Meg Baker (Education for Sustainable Development – Senior Project Officer) for more details or to be involved with the pilot in southwest England and Wales in 2018-19.