Food Preserving Enterprises

If you are still interested in setting up a food preserving enterprise on your university or college campus don't worry you still can!

Although this category has offically closed you can still apply for £1000 start-up costs and mentoring to set up a food preserving enterprise in our open category, deadline 24th November 2017.


Why set up a food preserving enterprise?

Good for you, good for your institution, good for your community.

  • A sustainable food option for students, staff and members of the public.
  • Provides real-life experience of setting up and running an enterprise.
  • Enhances employability skills – leadership, teamwork, planning etc.
  • Potential income generation for your students’ union or society.
  • A chance to raise awareness about the importance of buying sustainable food.
  • Supports the local economy and community partnerships.

Download our guidance document.