Alcohol Impact

Alcohol Impact is our whole-university programme designed to foster responsible drinking cultures for students. The programme adopts social change theory; aiming to reduce harm and improve welfare, well-being and academic achievement – whilst creating more inclusive spaces and enhancing the student experience. 

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Joining Alcohol Impact offers the opportunity to be part of a community; a chance to share learning; showcase achievements; attend teleconferences and virtual meetings; gain progress updates and prompts; 1-1 support; take part in collective primary research uncovering attitudes and behaviours and become part of a national success story. 

•    We recommend that the fee is paid by the institution. In some cases, the cost is part-funded by external stakeholders (e.g. local police or city council). We can provide advice on how to approach external stakeholders if necessary. 
•    When you are ready you will be audited by a team of trained students, convened by SOS-UK.
•    Audits are required every two years to retain the accreditation.
•    All audit fees included in costs below.
•    A 15% discount is available when signing up for three years’ membership.    

Working towards accreditation fee, supported for one year


(this fee applies until you have been accredited)



Post accreditation membership for one year

Working towards accreditation fee, supported for three years



Post accreditation membership for three year

£3,900 +VAT

£2,750 +VAT

£9,945 +VAT


£7,000 +VAT



•    Access to an online workbook of criteria which provide an ambitious, clear, and comprehensive framework alongside examples of good practice on student responsible alcohol-related activity;
Ability to personalise your approach by selecting bespoke criteria to meet specific local issues;
•    Support and guidance at every stage, including one full-day support visit per institution;
•    Tailored 1-1 remote support;
•    Two national support days per year offering the opportunity to share and showcase achievements with other members of Alcohol Impact;
•    An annual research report based on collective primary research allowing partnerships to see trends and changes in student drinking habits;
•    Opportunity to share and showcase achievements and national publicity through case studies on the Alcohol Impact website; 
•    Support to recruit and manage volunteer student Alcohol Impact auditors;
•    Following accreditation: certificates and web logo which can be used on online publications, websites and signatures; on-site awards event or national reception; personalised feedback report for you and your institution.

    Travel for representatives from each partnership to attend two national support days and if applicable a national end-of-year celebratory event; 
•    Venue, catering, and travel costs for student auditor training; 
•    Local awards events (if you choose to run one) to give out certificates to student auditors and celebrate local successes;
•    Any additional budget required for developing innovative interventions;
•    In some cases, students and graduates have been employed in short-term roles to help support admin and/or research. 
•    Alternatively, support has been sourced from other departments who may have funding for this role such as careers/volunteer/research departments or external sources.

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