Here you'll find information about events, grants and opportunities relating to sustainability. Expand your understanding, knowledge and skills; start a project; connect with inspiring folk wanting to change the world! Get involved, basically. 



Power Shift: training for change 2017 (People and Planet) - 5 - 9 July 2017

"Power Shift is a 5 day training camp that will bring together some of the most inspiring organisers in the UK. We hope to leave you powered up and charged to fight xenophobia, neoliberalism and climate injustice. The right has gained considerable power over the last few years, and we’re running out of time to shift away from rule by elite power, towards justice. Join us this Summer to help create a power shift from a politics of division and persecution to a politics of solidarity."


Student Eats - start-up costs for food enterprises

This NUS programme is open for applications for £1000 start-up costs and mentoring for new student-led social enterprises focussed on sustainable food. You can apply in the food co-op and food preserving enterprise categories until 23rd June, and there’s an open category, too!

The Environment Now - digital innovation to solve environmental problems

National Youth Agency in partnership with O2 Think Big are launching an exciting programme aimed at 17-24 year olds in the UK. The Environment Now will fund young people up to £10,000 to use digital technology to find innovative solutions to pressing environmental issues.


Other opportunities

UNESCO Young Sustainability Leader Training - South West

As part of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) this training aims to empower young people to inspire and mobilise others to take action towards a more sustainable and just future. It is a fantastic opportunity for young people to be part of a global network of youth sustainability leaders. The training is free for students at any South West University (aged 18-35) and travel expenses will be covered.

Deadline: 21st May 2017

Youth Engagement Advisory Group - Canal and River Trust

The Youth Engagement Advisory Group (YEAG) helps the Canal and River Trust to understand more fully the wider context of engaging young people. The chair and members are appointed by the chief executive and serve for terms of up to three years, although this may be renewed for a second term to a maximum of six years.The group typically meets three to four times a year in London. They are now looking for new members to join the group aged between 16 and 24, increasing the capacity of the current advisory group and increasing the young person’s perspective within the group.

Deadline: 20th June 2017

The Documentary Film Makers' Cooperative is seeking contributors

This cooperative is building up a new multi-media project called I’m on the Wild Side, for young people, on urban nature. They are seeking content (photos, reflections, a blog, or diary entryetc.) about nature to collate people's stories and experiences on their website. The I’m on the Wild Side project, when fully running, will offer free workshops for young people in making nature report documentary videos.

International essay competition for young people (The Goi Peace Foundation)

Modern civilization has developed through controlling nature and exploiting its resources. At the same time, we human beings are part of the natural world, and nature has many things to teach us. Scientists, philosophers, poets, and artists have all found inspiration in nature. What can we learn from nature, and how can we make use of that learning for the future? Please describe your ideas, including your own observations and experiences.

Deadline: 15th June 2017

vInspired Eco Talent Project 

Environmental training and volunteering programme for young people (16 to 25) - gain skills, experience and be part of an exciting social action project. All expenses paid!

UK Youth Climate Coalition 

There are some excellent and varied opportunities here. The UK Youth Climate Coalition is one of the most exciting, innovative, energised and passionate organisations campaigning on climate change in the UK and around the world. They are an organisation entirely made of young people (18-29) based in the UK who volunteer their time to fight climate change issues.

Student placements with NUS's sustainability department

We offer student placements within the sustainability department for students who can complete research and/or work placements for credit as a part of their course. During a placement, a student is responsible for one main project. Students work alongside and liaise with other members of the team, whilst receiving regular support and supervision as you scope, research, plan and undertake a specific piece of work. Here are the projects available, and the application form