University of Bath

Leave No Trace loyalty card


The loyalty card has been introduced across the university to help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and can be used by students, staff and visitors.

Customers are encouraged to use reusable containers to buy drinks and takeaway food as they are given 20p off their order and a stamp on their card.

Whilst customers can bring in their own tupperware and reusable cups, there are also Leave No Trace containers or reusable Keep Cups in various outlets across the university.

When customers reach nine stamps on their loyalty card, they will receive £2.20 to use towards their next hot drink, cold drink or takeaway food.

All first year students in catered or part catered halls are given a free Leave No Trace container.

Key takeaways;

  • Customers who use reusable containers for food and drink are given 20p off
  • Nine stamps on the Leave No Trace loyalty card gives customers £2.20 to use towards their next purchase