100 educators now pledged to take part in #SDGTeachIn

Monday 08-02-2021 - 20:44

The fourth annual Global Goals Teach In is due to take place 22nd February – 5th March 2021, and 100 educators have now pledged to take part!

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The annual Teach In campaign calls on educators from all stages of education, and all disciplines, to pledge to include the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, otherwise known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in their teaching and learning throughout the two-week campaign. The 2021 campaign has just seen its 100th educator pledge to take part (as of 9th February)! These 100 teachers, lecturers and trainers will reach nearly 9,000 students at more than 30 educational instituions. Latest figures are available and updated here as these numbers grow in the run-up to the campaign. With just two weeks to go until the campaign launches, now is the time to get involved - here’s how:

If you are an educator of any kind (including teachers, lecturers, trainers): Pledge now to incorporate the SDGs in your teaching, learning and assessment throughout the Teach In, and share with your colleagues.

If you are a student, course rep or elected officer: Call for your lecturers and teachers to pledge. Let them know why you’d like the SDGs to be embedded within your teaching and learning. You can use our template email here!

The Teach In aims to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development and embed sustainability and social responsibility across all learning. We see it as a springboard for deeper engagement in this area; an accessible entry point for educators to engage with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), perhaps for the first time. The 17 Global Goals cover environmental, social and economic sustainability, and can provide a useful framework for educators to introduce and discuss the breadth of sustainability and apply it to their discipline in a meaningful way.

Each week in the run-up to the Teach In, we are releasing updates on social media with the top 3 instituions in terms of student reach, and total number of educators taking part. Follow us to keep up to date and see how your school, college or university is doing! Updates are also available on our 2021 campaign page here.


Share your pledges and experience of the Teach In on social media using the hashtag #SDGTeachIn. Read our FAQs and visit our resources page for more support. If you have any questions about the Teach In, please contact Rachel.Soper@sos-uk.org.


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