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Green Erasmus

We're working with an international consortium to address the negative environmental impacts of the Erasmus+ programme.


student carrying paperwork

The benefits of the Erasmus+ programme  for the students and higher education institutions that take part are well-known, however the programme also has a negative impact on the environment.  The aim of Green Erasmus is to improve the environmental sustainability of the Erasmus+ programme, whilst also contributing improvements in environmental sustainability across Europe.

The objectives are:

  1. To decrease the negative impact of the Erasmus+ programme in terms of environmental sustainability.
  2. To raise awareness across the European higher education sector about the importance of sustainable internationalisation.
  3.  To empower student organisations to be the agents of change, pushing for improvements on the topic of environmental sustainability.

The project starts in September 2020 and will finish in December 2022.  The consortium of partners involved in the project includes:

  • Erasmus Student Network (co-ordinators)
  • European University Foundation
  • European Students' Union
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Technical University of Cologne
  • Students Organising for Sustainability UK