Changing education is the first step towards changing the whole of society. That’s why Responsible Futures is putting sustainability at the heart of education across our universities and colleges.

We’ve developed this externally-assessed accreditation mark to assist all institutions in helping students to gain the skills and experience they need to thrive as global citizens.

We actively support partnerships between students’ unions and institutions through a structured framework of criteria to encourage action on embedding social responsibility and sustainability into formal and informal learning.

Sustainability isn’t just doing the recycling properly. We need an education system which creates graduates who meet the challenges of the century ahead, not repeat the mistakes of the century behind us.

We want all graduates to have the knowledge and understanding, skills, and attributes needed to contribute positively to social responsibility and sustainability.

Geographers, engineers, and artists. Nurses, hairdressers, and lawyers. Bricklayers, sociologists, and politicians. Everyone.

Education is a force for social good, and it benefits the whole of society. In the 21st century, sustainability and social responsibility have to be a huge part of that.

With Responsible Futures, we’re making education’s positive impact even more powerful.

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