Returning for its 7th year, the Summit offers workshops, talks and panel discussions with some of the UK’s top environmental activists and campaigners, as well as the students and students' unions (SUs) leading the youth climate movement.


For the first time the Summit is moving online, and is merging with the Student Eats Conference. We're splitting the conference over 3 days, from Monday sessions will run from 1pm-5pm GMT. Each ticket provides access for one individual to attend all three days - just £25!


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Monday 2nd November

Hear from the sector leaders, student activists and SUs working to embed sustainability across the curriculum, and ensure students leave education equipped with the skills and drive to create a more just and sustainable society. Find out how you can campaign for a Green New Deal for education with UCU, or support the Schools Strikers through Teach the Future.

Explore how students can influence their university, college, local community and political leaders to act on the climate emergency and ecological crisis.



Tuesday 3rd November

As an integral part of sustainability, climate justice will be embedded across the conference, but on Tuesday we we will be joined by Magid Magid to explore the intersection between race and climate change. Magid is a Somali-British activist who started in the student movement, and went on to become the youngest ever Lord Mayor of Sheffield and a Green Party Member of European Parliament.

We will also be discussing how you can campaign for a decolonised and decarbonised curriculum, and brushing up our campaigning skills with the college students working with Friends of the Earth to bring community organising on campus.

We'll also be joined by activists from Mock COP, an international alliance of young campaigners working to make sure young peoples’ voices, especially those form the global south ,are heard at the COP 26 climate negotiations.



Wednesday 4th November

As a bonus this year all attendees will get to attend the Student Eats day of the conference free of charge. We’ll be exploring how we can work towards a just and sustainable food system, through either growing, making, selling, buying or just eating food.

Central to the day's content will be food justice. Hear how others are tackling the inequality in our current food system and improving access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate foods for students and the wider community.


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