Six inspirational student food enterprises

Thursday 27-04-2017 - 15:14

Interested in sustainable food, but not sure what starting your own food enterprise would actually entail? Here are a few highlights from some that are supported by Student Eats.

Farmers' markets

We give students what they want

farmers' market

"The most successful thing about our market at the University of Central Lancashire was that this was something new and exciting for the students' union, a lot of people mentioned that they had been hoping a farmers' market would come to campus."


We've built a community

girls with bristol market bags

"We have received many emails from interested local businesses wanting to get involved and be a part of our market which makes us very optimistic for the expansion in the future. Being able to support a wide variety of local businesses and their products will really benefit themselves, our market and the students, staff and locals in and around Bristol University."


 Food co-ops

We've shared socially, environmentally and economically sustainable food

veg bag

"During its first month, Exeter VegShare has managed to fulfill 110 orders for veg bags - and by delivering 389.2 kg of vegetables, salads and mushrooms, our social enterprise has successfully spread awareness that healthy, organic and affordable is possible. Exeter VegShare’s impact facilitates wider societal inclusion for access to best quality local food that is produced via the most environmentally friendly methods, supports the local economy and allows our supplier farm to dedicate more efforts to growing rather than sales."


We've gained really valuable experience

guys working in garden

"At West College Scotland, we have been concentrating mainly on setting up and planning the enterprise. This has involved preparing the ground area at our allotment, measuring and fitting cold frames to grow our produce, and deciding where and when we would sell procuring bags, making labels and deciding on pricing."


Food preserving

We've provided practical education about sustainable food

homemade oil

"At Roehampton, we launched our social enterprise (now called 'This is our jam') in March and have made and sold spicy tomato chutney, blackberry cordial, homemade ketchup and infused oils. With staff and students involved in every step of the process from harvesting to packaging, we are well on our way to reach our goal of providing practical education regarding sustainable food choices. We believe our products are nothing short of delicious, and with happy customers and plans in place for future cooking sessions, we are excited to continue growing bigger and better."


We've started a viable business

people with plates

"[At Blackpool and the Fylde College] We went into mass production and sold sweet chili and strawberry jam at our pop-up bakery.  We sell the jam for £2.50 per jar and £2 for anyone who recycles their old jar.  From a starting stock of 69 jars, on one day, we sold 41- generating revenue of £102.50.  Based on ingredient costs only, this is a profit of £31.20."


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