Who will assess the applications?

The NUS Student Eats team and our student-led steering group.


How much will be offered for start-up costs and what can it be spent on?

If your application is approved you will be able to claim up to £1000 in quarterly expenses up to December 2018. We can pay up to £500 in capital costs such as equipment, cash tills or storage crates and up to £500 in revenue costs such as training, cost of food hygiene certificates, or travel to visit local producers.


Will we need to provide receipts and keep accounts?

Yes but guidance will be provided on how expenses can be claimed.


What reporting will we need to do if we are successful?

Guidance and templates will be provided to assist with measuring the impact of your enterprise such as the quantity of products/produce sold, the number of customers and the hours volunteered. There will need to be one nominated person to take on the role of Impact Officer to gather this data which will be required for our simple online Quarterly Report.


When is the deadline for applying for support to set up a food enterprise?

Our official application rounds ended on 24th November 2017 but we still have funding left to support a few more enterprises. Applications will now close once we have approved a total of 67 enterprises. 


When will we find out if we have been successful?

We aim to let you know if you have been successful 6 weeks after receiving your application; although in many cases it will be a lot quicker than this.


We currently do not have support from staff at our university or college or from our students’ union, can you help?

If you haven’t got this support please email us before completing the application form and we will do our best to help you get this support.


How many food enterprises will Student Eats be supporting?

We will be supporting 67 student-led food enterprises over five years. These are divided in to 4 categories: open category enterprises, food co-ops, food preserving enterprises and farmers’ markets. We are still offering start-up costs for the first 3 categories but unfortunately can only provide advice and resources for anyone interested in setting up a farmers’ market.


Who funds the Student Eats’ food enterprises?

The Big Lottery as part of their ‘Our Bright Future’ programme.