Who will assess the applications?

The NUS Student Eats team and our student-led steering group.


How much will be offered for start-up costs and what can it be spent on?

Typically we will approve around £500 but in some cases up to £1000. We can approve up to £500 for capital costs such as equipment, cash tills or storage crates and up to £500 for revenue costs such as training, cost of food hygiene certificates, or travel to visit local producers.

Will we need to provide receipts and keep accounts?

Yes but guidance will be provided on how expenses can be claimed.


What reporting will we need to do if we are successful? A toolkit of guidance and templates will be provided to assist groups with the monitoring and tracking of information such as the quantity of products traded, the number of customers and hours volunteered. You will need to nominate one person to take on the role of Impact Officer to gather data. This data will be required for you to submit a simple online Quarterly Report to us.


When is the deadline for applying for support to set up a food enterprise?

Please refer to our Key Dates.


When will we find out if we have been successful?

Please refer to our Key Dates.


What if we haven’t got enough time to get the support or do any research before the application deadline?

We would always suggest applying as early as you are able to, however there will be multiple chances to apply for each category of food enterprise, please see our Key Dates to find out when each opportunity will be available.


We currently do not have support from staff at our university or college or from our students’ union, can you help?

If you haven’t got this support yet don’t worry, just email us before completing the application form and we will do our best to help you with this.


How many open category food enterprises will Student Eats be supporting?

We will be supporting 67 student-led food enterprises over five years. This will include 22 open category enterprises.


We have big plans and would like to scale up our enterprise in a few months’ time, how will this affect our open category application?

At the end of 2017 and into 2018 seven enterprises will be given the opportunity to apply for up to £17,000 in scale up costs and receive additional mentoring. In your open category application you will need to explain your vision for scaling up your enterprise and how the initial start-up costs & mentoring will help you prove that your idea can be run on a larger scale.

The scale up application process will require a more detailed business plan, as such we encourage early applications in the open category rounds to enable you to prove your enterprise concept. We will also expect a strong relationship to be established between the applying group or society, the students’ union and the university or college.


Who funds the Student Eats’ food enterprises?

The Big Lottery as part of their ‘Our Bright Future’ programme.


Can we apply for support for another enterprise at a later date (whether or not we are successful with our first application)?